The SSMI is a tremendous new sensor that will change the way

forecasters do their job in the next decade.  Already, data from the SSMI EDRs

are being  used in the analysis fields of NWP models  with NOAA and the US

Navy.  SSMI  is being used to track tropical cyclones in remote , data sparse

areas.  The future is bright for this sensor.   In the future,  work will be needed to

improve the  accuracy of the EDRs that already exist,  in addition to new

algorithms for new EDRs being tested in the research community.  However,

one area of growing concern is the utilization of algorithms derived by linear

regression.  These methods are simply lacking the ability to determine true

environmental conditions on a global scale. There is a need for better algorithms

based on radiative physics, the true 'nuts and bolts' of the sensor in the first


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